Did someone try to bump your locks? There are certain signs and traces that only an experienced eye can detect, and sometimes your suspicions can be proven right even if the lock shows no damage on the outside. We can help you out with lockpicking and our service is very important if you want your insurance company to honor the policy that you have with them.

Of course, lockpicking is not an art reserved for the criminal. You might have locked yourself out or damaged a key, and in this situation you will need a skilled locksmith to make use of advanced lockpicking for good.

When you call us to help you out with a lost key or a lock that seems to be jammed we minimize the costs by picking the lock to avoid damaging the entire socket. This will also save time and you will soon stand with a new set of keys for your lock.

It is not difficult to learn basic lockpicking and this is a concern. We work with advanced materials and techniques to give you maximum security. You can always contact us for consultation. If someone has been meddling with your locks you want to know about it. We are your 24/7 locksmith service with the skills and experience that you need to change locks, rekey, or simply to get an assessment that your insurance company will honor.

Call us now to learn more about our lockpicking services. We will meet you where you are, whenever you need it!


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